From the President's Desk

Dear Colleagues,

As the tenure of president is now only one year so we will have a very busy one year. Let me take you through what ISAR 2016 holds for you.

ISAR 2016 theme is “Gametes to Fetus our Responsibility” and we will focus all our CME’s, workshop, conference with the punch line of “Basics to Advances” so there is something for everyone, including that small gynae in that small town called “Sasni”, who gets more that20 infertile patients every day and she struggles when they don’t conceive after number of CC cycles, we need to take Best practice guidelines to “HER”.

We give free hand to all the 16 chapters to hold their own annual day congress for 1½ days at any suitable date, so we have 15 focused infertility updates in 15 states. And we focus on “just hysteroscopy” workshops at these conference to be conducted under guidance of Dr. PrakashTrivedi. Our first major master class will be on 27 th of March at Kolkata and will focused on the “Infertile Male in the Clinic What to do?”Andrology needs to be updated for the ISARIANS.

We then go to ASPIRE Jakarta 8-10 April. Where our ISAR vice president Dr. Jaideep Malhotra will be handing over her presidentship ASPIRE. (Only Indian women to head an international presidentship) ISAR is proud of you for doing so much in ASPIRE and for ensuring that over 100 poster and papers by ISAR and over 20 Indian ISAR Members in the faculty at Jakarta. Thank you Dr. Jaideep.

We will also endorse some CME’s and conferences organised by our members, as per our ISAR guidelines and criteria.

CUPART in Goa 30 th April, AAGL in Mumbai in June, Hysteroscopy update at Delhi and Agra and PCOS conference 17-19 June, Mumbai and any others.

We plan to hold “Just Hysteroscopy”4 zonal conference along with IMS and IAGE.

Two midterm conference of ISAR will be held EMBROLOGY ISAR in Anand 5-7 August (Dr. Nayna Patel) and YUVA ISAR in Cochin 12-13 November (Dr. SunitaTandulwadkar). We will have our own unique ISAR-ISPAT- IMS cruise on 4-8 Dec on the theme of “FITNESS FOR FATERNITY”,We expect 500 to be on this unique cruising experience.

We will organize group tour and travel to Helsinki ESHRE in July3-6 th and in Oct 16-20 to ASRM Salt Lake city, USA.

The regular activities, Embryology courses, fellowship, accreditations will continue.

We propose to get the accreditation of clinics and centers done by independent Indian and Australian (Aspire) agencies to give authentically to certification.

Our 1 year fellowship as ISAR-ASPIRE fellowship (FISAR) is all set to take off. Everything is in place and we hope to start admission for this training course form 1 st June 2016.

4 issues of ISAR express will come out in May, August, November and February 2017 in addition each state chapter is requested to bring out a monograph on good practice advices on various themes.

We encourage all our members to write, data collect, research and publish in our own indexed journal.

By the end of this year we propose to bring out a new roster of all the members. Encyclopedia of ISAR Infertility specialists.

‘2016’ is year for membership expansion and I request each ISARIAN to recruit 10 new member so by the end of 2016 we touch the magical figure of 5000 members. Any member recruiting / proposing more than 10 new members will be awarded at the 22 nd National Congress at Gurgaon 24-26 of February

Finally in February 2017 when I hand over we propose to release a TEXTBOOK ON INFERTILITY UPDATE and a complete GOOD PRACTICE ADVICES in A.R.T..

Friends, Organization is team work and this well-oiled team will achieve great heights for ISAR in 2016, I am sure of that.

Long Life ISAR
Jai Hind !

Your Sincerely
Dr. Narendra Malhtora

Let me first introduce ISAR Team 2017.

President elect
Dr. Duru Shah
Vice President
Dr. Rishma Pai
Second Vice President
Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
Chairman for Embryology
Mr. Virendra Shah
Hon. Secretary General
Dr. PrakashTrivedi
Hon. Joint Secretary
Dr. Kanthi Bansal
Hon. Treasurer
Dr. Ameet Patki
Vice Chairman for Embryology
Mr. Sudesh Kamat
Hon. Joint Treasurer
Dr. A Suresh Kumar
Hon. Clinical Secretary
Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar
Dr. Sujat Kar
Immediate Past President
Dr. Hrishikesh Pai
Past President
Dr. Manish Banker
Past President
Dr. Dhiraj Gada
Past President
Dr. Sadhana Desai
Past President
Dr. Kamini Rao
Past President
Dr. Firuza Parikh
Founder President
Dr. Mahendra N Parikh
Dr. Kedar Ganla
Dr. ParulKotdawala
Dr. Sanjay Makwana
Dr. Rajesh Modi
Dr. Rajat K Ray
Dr. Milind Shah
Dr. LaxmiShrikhande
Dr. BinaVasan
Dr. R B Agrawal
Mr. Charudutt Joshi
Dr. Himanshu Patel, Ahmedabad
Co-Opted Members
Dr. NanditaPalshetkar
Dr. AshaBaxi
Dr. PoonamLoomba


“Gametes to Fetus : Our responsibilities”

Vision Statement By
Prof. Narendra Malhotra


Dear Colleagues,

Greetings & Regards!

At the outset I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for electing me as the President ISAR for 2016(From 2016 the President will change every year). I look forwards to a very fertile & fruitful year with all of you.

Here are some of my plans and dates for 2016. Please block your calendar and come forward to make all these programme a grand success.

  1. 26,27,28 FEB take oath of President at Indore ISAR during 21 st annual conference.
  2. 15 Chapters to organise their chapter meets one or two each month.
  3. One Master Class on Andrology& Male Infertility along with Bengal Chapter conference in Kolkata in 25 th , 26 th and 27 th of March 2016 along with Bengal ISAR Chapter Conference (Dr Gita Ganguli, Dr. Gautam Khastigir)
  4. Group tour to Jakarta is fixed 8-10 th April 2016 ISAR to ASPIRE. (Contact Mr. Arvind Sharma, JV Travel New Delhi, +91 9999108577, +91 9555108577)
  5. Master class & Conference at Goa ISAR endorsed organised by Dr. Kaberi Banerjee on 30th April & 1st May.
  6. 12 th AAGL 2-5 th June 2016 Mumbai. (Dr. PrakashTrivedi)
  7. International PCOS Conference between the PCOS Society (India) and the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS) on 17, 18. 19th July 2016 in Mumbai.
  8. Group Tour to Helsinki is fixed in July3-6 th : ISAR to ESHRE (Contact Mr. Arvind Sharma, JV Travel New Delhi,+91 9999108577, +91 9555108577)
  9. ISAR Embryology Congress in Anand in 5 th , 6 th & 7 th Aug (Dr. Nayna Patel)
  10. IFFS Conference at Noida in 21-25 September 2016.
  11. Group tour to Salt Lake City USA 16-20 th October ISAR to ASRM. (Contact Mr. Arvind Sharma, JV Travel New Delhi,+91 9999108577, 9555108577).
  12. ISAR Cruise is fixed (Fitness for Fraternity) co-hosts ISPAT and IMS in 4 th – 8 th Dec 2016.
  13. Maharashtra ISAR along with YUVA ISAR– Pune on 5,6,7 Nov 2016.
  14. 4 issues of ISAR Express with following editors :
    Feb – May 2016
    Dr. Duru Shah
    (Release in May)
    Dr. Prakash Trivedi
    Dr. Asha Baxi
    Dr. Virendra Shah
    May- Aug 2016
    Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
    (Release in Aug)
    Dr. Sudesh Kamat
    Dr. Rajat Kumar Ray
    Dr. Sujata Kar
    Sep – Dec 2016
    Dr. Rishma Pai
    (Release in cruise)
    Dr. Kanthi Bansal
    Dr. Sanjay Makwana
    Dr. Suresh Kumar
    Jan – Feb 2017
    Dr. Nandita Palshetkar
    (Release in ISAR - Congress)
    Dr. Sunita Tendulwadkar
    Dr. Narendra Malhotra
    Dr. Vijay Mangoli
  15. 2016 is aimed for membership increase. We need to double the membership. Each member make 10 is our motto.
  16. “Just hysteroscopy” workshops with all state chapters conferences and 4 hysteroscopy regional conferences (Dr. PrakashTrivedi)
    Agra : Oct 2016
    East :
    West :
  17. ISAR Monographs total 12 ( once a month) 2 editor each.
    1. Micronutrients in Infertility (Orissa Chapter)
    2. DHEAS with Nutrients & Melatonin (M. P. Chapter)
    3. DNA fragmentation test (U. P. Chapter)
    4. Nitric oxide donors. (Chhattisgarh Chapter)
    5. A.M.H. (Punjab Chapter)
    6. Oocyte banking (Haryana Chapter)
    7. Cryobiology (Maharashtra Chapter)
    8. New Molecules (Karnataka Chapter)
    9. 3 rd Party Reproduction (Gujarat Chapter)
    10. Hysteroscopy Infertility ( Rajasthan Chapter)
    11. T.V.S. in infertility (Kerala Chapter)
    12. Laparoscopy Infertility (Tamil Nadu Chapter)
    13. Male Infertility (West Bengal Chapter)
    14. Ovulation Induction (North East Chapter)
    15. Surrogacy (Delhi Chapter)
  18. Good Practice advises in A.R.T.
  19. All members are encouraged to write books for ISAR (for official publication endorsement submit topic and title of book with index).
  20. Annual congress tentative dates 24, 25, 26 Feb 2017 at Gurgaon.
  21. The schedule of meetings of ISAR will be as follows:
    1. 27 th Feb New MCM at Indore Convention Centre 6pm – 7pm.
    2. Future Meetings
      • 16th March at Mumbai (SAFOG-MOGS Congress)
      • 3 rd June Mumbai (at AAGL Congress)
      • 22 or 23 Sept at Noida (IFFS Conference)
      • 6 th Dec on the cruise
      • 24 th Feb at Hotel Hyatt Gurgaon (ISAR Gurgaon)

The vision of ISAR this year is to be visible all over the world via its members.
(For the members, By the members)

Dr. Narendra Malhotra MD, FICOG, FICS, FRCOG
President ISAR