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NFL President Roger - Goodell and Chicago Mayor Rahm - Emanuel announced today that 2015 NFL Draft 80th 2015 will cheap authentic jerseys china be held April 30-May 2 at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago . Goodell said: ldquo; We are pleased to be able to visit the entire Midwest fans pick the scene. We look forward to the draft back to the city of Chicago, and we are looking forward to the city and the people together to run in this draft. Chicago City Sports Commission also raised will be held a week-long celebration for the cheap jerseys authentic fans. Mayor Emanuel and city representatives also presented us with many ways to enhance the experience for fans and draft players. Rdquo; NFL draft was in 1938, in 1942-1944, 1951, 1962-1964, held in Chicago. Chicago Mayor Emanuel said: ldquo; very pleased to Chicago in 2015 to become the nation's center of the NFL draft. Next year, NFL fans from all over the country will come to Chicago to witness their team's future together. We look forward to the Chicago Bears, Union and neighboring partners to work together to run in this draft, to focus on our world-class city and our society.

Rdquo; draft of prime time is 1-3 rounds. The first-round cheap jerseys from china pick in Thursday April 30, with the first-round pick in Friday's 2-3 conduct, the draft on Saturday that ended May 2 were 4-7 after the first round. Celebration of the first round, including the red carpet into the Michigan Avenue, and NFL legend celebrities will represent their respective teams before the draft in the second round on stage to announce the results. In addition to the auditorium inside the theater, the draft will be extended to Grant Park and the Capitol, in three days, fans can follow the team's draft in the outdoors, you can visit, active cheap jerseys from china and retired players signature and interactive, and tickets are free. Auditorium Theatre, opened in 1889 at 125 years ago that is cheap authentic jerseys used for concerts, musicals, opera, ballet, etc. President Theodore - Roosevelt and William - McKinley has lectured on this, but here is - Ray Charles (Ray Charles), The Doors (The Doors), Aretha - Franklin (Aretha Franklin), Jimmy - Hendrix Alex (Jimi Hendrix), Elton - John (Elton John), Frank - Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) and Steve - Wanda (Stevie Wonder), who opened the concert place. The theater has also staged 'Les Miserables' and 'Phantom of the Opera' and other famous play. According to Nielsen's findings, NFL Network, ESPN and ESPN2 aired the 2014 draft, three days covering the audience of 4570 people, 2010 of record exceeds 4540 people, on ESPN and the NFL Network broadcast of the first-round pick watch the total number reached 32 million, is the first round of the highest ratings ever. That Thursday night TV show, the ratings are the highest first-round pick, second place was CBS's 'Big Bang.'

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