General Information

Infertility affects many people. Up to one in six couples have difficulties in conceiving and many seek medical advice and treatment.

Some patients will need only advice or re-assurance. Others may need drug therapy or surgery. But some will need to be referred to a clinic, which specialises in assisted conception techniques.

However, it is important to remember that it is difficult to compare precisely the live birth rates between clinics as treatment policies differ. The main factors that determine your chances for pregnancy are the age of the woman, the length of time that she has been trying to have a family, her previous ability to conceive, and the quality of the man's sperm.

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Tests And Investigations

If you and your husband have been trying to have a baby for at least one year without success, there are many tests, which can be done to find out the reasons why. If the cause of your infertility has not been investigated previously, the clinic will carry out the necessary tests. These tests may include an analysis of the man's semen and the conditions of the woman's uterus, fallopian tubes and cervical mucus.

If tests have been done during previous treatment, you should ask whether it is necessary to repeat them. Once the cause of the infertility is identified, the doctor will offer procedures available and initiate therapy as quickly, efficiently and inexpensively as possible. For each diagnostic etiology, there is indeed a proper approach. Even after tests some infertility remains unexplained, but that does not mean that it cannot be treated successfully.

After a thorough examination, you and your husband will undergo a series of tests that require joint investment of time, money, physical and emotional energy. Evaluation and treatment does not mean success but atleast helps you understand the reason for your infertility better.

Some patients will need only advice or reassurance. Others may need drug therapy or surgery. But some will need to be referred to a clinic, which specialises in assisted conception techniques.

Treatment Options

There are many possible causes of infertility or sub-fertility in both men and women.

There are also many possible treatments.

Drug therapy to control ovulation.

Surgery to improve blocked or damages fallopian tubes.

Intra - uterine insemination (IUI) using the husband's sperm.

Insemination using donor sperm "(DI)" if the husband or partner has no sperm or very poor perm or risks passing on an inherited disease.

In vitro fertilization "(IVF)".

Egg donation with IVF.

Embryo donation.

Gamete intra fallopian transfer "(GIFT)".

Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection "(ICSI)".

IVF or ICSI with "PGD" (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) where there is a risk of inheritable disease.