From the President's Desk

Dear Colleagues,

President Dr. H. D. Pai, Sec. Dr. Nandita and Dr. Prakash Trivedi, Dignitaries on the dais and Past president off the dais, friends, colleagues ISARIANS and infertility specialist :- a very good evening to all of you on this Friday 26th of February at this beautiful State of art venue at Indore for the 21st National ISAR Congress.

ISAR is a young vibrant 25 year old organization founded on 16th February 1991 in the IMA Building, Mumbai led by Prof M. N. Parikh who had a vision at that time for the need of an organization which will be dedicated to the infertility specialists. From 42 founder members the organization has grown to over 2500 member and 15 state chapters.

To put the organization on a firm footing, the tenure of our past presidents till this year was 2 year. Salute to these great men and women to have raised ISAR baby into a healthy 25 year old organization.

Salute to

  1. Prof. M. N. Parikh
  2. Late Prof. Mehroo D Hansoita (My Mentor)
  3. Dr. Firuza Parikh
  4. Dr. Kamini Rao
  5. Dr. Sadhna Desai
  6. Dr. Dhiraj Gada
  7. Dr. Manish Banker
  8. Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Today during this 21 st annual congress I stand before you as the 9th president of ISAR. First of all thank you each one of you for electing me to this prestigious post. I promise I will leave no stone unturned to do justice to the responsibility given to me for this year.

Congratulation Dr. H.D. Pai and team 2015-2016 for the work done in the last 2 year, congratulation for raising the voice against a partially unfair law looming on our head “The ART Bill” and congratulation for a successful YUVA ISAR and EMRYOLOGY ISAR and the 15 smoothly running state chapters.

“we all get by with a little help from our friends” and its friends in ISAR and friends out of ISAR who need to be acknowledged in my journey.


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ISAR Life Membership fees reduced


New Rates:

ISAR Life Membership fees + Entrance Fees = Rs. 5,500
​+ add service tax at 15% = Rs.6325/-

Issue a At par cheque in favour of Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction or ISAR, or DD payable at Mumbai for Rs.6325/- ​If sending an outstation cheque add Rs. 50/- more to the amount


New Rates

ISAR Life Membership fees + Entrance fee: = Rs 2500
​ ​+ add service tax at 15% ​= Rs.2875/-

Issue a At par cheque in favour of Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction or ISAR or DD payable at Mumbai for Rs.2875/- If sending an outstation cheque add Rs.50/- more to the amount. ​ Also send the qualification certificate along with the experience certificate of center where he or she is working​.​