National Art Registry of India (NARI)

ISAR has undertaken this website which will be dedicated to providing information and update in the field of reproductive medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Our aim is " Better Care of the Concerned Couple, knowledge about their investigations and further education of those who serve them"

Are you a patient seeking information on infertility?

Are you an infertility specialist looking for recent updates in the managemnet of infertility?

We understand that each patient undergoing Infertility treatment in unique and her treatment should reflect that with a wide range of available options in the field of Assisted Reproduction, empowering the patient with scientific information. We hope to create awareness impart knowledge and offer patient friendly treatment options.


With rapid advances in field of assisted reproduction, "guidelines" and regulations are needed to avoid its misuse.

National registries all over the world are succeeding in their efforts to accurately reflect the rate of success. As ISAR is now a part of International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) all of us doctors practicing ART should participate in forming our Indian National Registry for ART , so that each unit in the country can compare the quality of it's results within the country itself and also with current International statistics.