CCREATE is a world class scientific initiative to train upcoming IVF/IUI specialists and improve the outcomes of IVF procedure. It would be a one day workshop comprising of topics covering basic reproductive physiology, controlled ovarian stimulation, embryology, andrology, medico-legal aspects of ART, etc. During 2015, ISAR would conduct 15 CCREATE workshops across India. The registration forms and workshop dates would be available on ISAR website soon.

CCREATE Workshop Plan:

Month (2015)
Workshop 1
Proposed Location
Workshop 2
Proposed Location
Mar Chandigarh Ahmedabad
May Cochin Kolkata
Jun Chennai  
Jul Kerala Delhi
Aug Bangalore  
Sep Hyderabad Coimbatore
Oct Pune  
Nov Trivandrum Madhya Pradesh
Dec Rajasthan  

* Made possible by an educational grant from Ferring